I'm addicted to so many things.

“It’s so hard for me to let go of her. And I went into, like, a week of mourning because a part of me left with a part of her. She’ll always be there with me. I’m so proud of her. I don’t think I would have been so upset that she died if she wasn’t so special to me. But she really was. It’s so sad. I don’t know what to say. I definitely feel it too. I feel it. She is real to me.”  - Crystal Reed about Allison Argent

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not all monsters do monstrous things.

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Allison died. she died  s a v i n g   h e r   f r i e n d s .
my friends are in trouble [..]  t h e y   n e e d   m e .

                        i ’ m   g o i n g   f o r   i t .

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